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Kree Harrison New Album

Kree Harrison – contestant 12 season of “American Idol. Kree Harrison, 29-year-old participant in the show “American Idol,” recently said that to participate in the national competition of singers has prepared her church. Originally from Texas in San Antonio, Kree Harrison entered into the twenty female contestants of the season 12 music channel show «FOX» «American Idol.” The mother of three children said in an interview to «FOX» how to sing in the church «Living Waters» prepared her to speak on national television. “The fact that I am constantly on Sundays in church singing on stage, definitely prepared me,” – she said.

As the correspondent channel “TBN“, with her husband, Brandon, in October last year, she began to lead the church once a month evening worship, which became especially popular after Kree Harrison was selected to participate in the competition. “People are so happy to become parties to these nights and just come and worship God in freedom,” – she said. “The more people I see and hear in the TV show, the more they say,” This is the church of the girl, I want to go there! ‘”. Spouses Clack want to spend their ministry is not monthly, weekly, but as long as the competition does not allow Kree Harrison do it, but she is happy that is still in the project. Clack is proud that the competition is the city of San Antonio On her page on «Twitter» she wrote about her passionate desire to sing for God, quoting Psalm 94: “Come, let us sing to the Lord, shout rock of our salvation.” The main musical reality show of America, one of the most popular TV shows on American television. The founder and ideologist of the project – British music and TV producer Simon Fuller (Simon Fuller), known to the world as the creator of the legendary pop group Spice Girls. The prototype of the transmission on American television has become the British equivalent of a show called Pop Idol, which came up with producer Simon Fuller. To date, the show has nine full seasons. Launched in 2002, the “American Idol” literally blew through the airwaves with fresh custom idea – finding a superstar among the aspiring young musicians and artists across the country.